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The best machine for hair removal in the world.

A revolutionary breakthrough in the field of laser hair removal.

First stable cooling


Cooling Pro is the world's first intelligent cooling system with increased heat transfer. Now it is not necessary to wait until the sapphire cools, and there is no need to watch the intervals between the pulses. With the advent of the Cooling Pro system, it became possible to use the device without time limits! In 2018, Innovatione engineers managed to improve glass cooling by 50% by increasing the rate of heat intake.


above 30°C


Safe energy

Numerous tests have derived the most 

safe energy. Even  unexperienced

specialist will not be able to burn the skin.



During the clinical trials of 2018, the IPLASER system

showed the best results in working on fine hair,

among other systems.


No license required

The first device for hair removal

received a non-medical certificate

of conformity.

Uniform application of energy

The IPLASER system applies energy evenly, but also

divides a certain amount of energy into several

impulses, which reduces pain.


Это текст. Кликните дважды, чтобы отредактировать и рассказать посетителям о себе.



 Это текст. Кликните дважды, чтобы отредактировать и рассказать посетителям о себе.

For all skin


Until recently, it was considered impossible to

carry out hair removal with a laser on the skin of

IV-VI phototypes, since the number of laser

devices for epilation was small, and their

possibilities were limited.

The IPLASER system works on the sixth phototype

of the skin. It's all about the wavelength, safe

power and the three-pulse IPLASER system.

Possible maximum injury may be a slight redness.



IPLASER SYSTEM is the safest, painless and most effective way of laser hair removal 2019

  • Painless hair removal

  • Hair removal efficiency

  • Thin hair removal

  • Hair removal on dark skin

  • Uniform application of energy

  • Short treatment time

  • Low cost of consumables

1S PRO meets the basic safety requirements of the EU Directives of the new approach.

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